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Job ID Function Job Title Location Location Name
4307 Maintenance / Facilities Maintenance Technician US-CA-Anaheim Hermosa Village
4015 Maintenance / Facilities Multi-Site Maintenance Supervisor US-CA-Harbor City Harbor Village
4437 Property Management Community Manager US-CA-Irvine Solaira
4218 Development Development, Summer Internship Program 2019 US-CA-Irvine 18201 Von Karman Avenue
4352 Maintenance / Facilities Multi Site Maintenance Supervisor US-CA-Irvine Solaira
4296 Maintenance / Facilities Assistant Chief Engineer US-CA-Los Angeles The Century
4195 Property Management Community Manager US-CA-Los Angeles South Bay Villa Pres
4558 Property Management Condominium General Manager US-CA-Los Angeles The Century
4207 Construction Construction Management, Summer Internship Program 2019 US-CA-Los Angeles 333 South Grand Avenue
4234 Investments Debt Fund, Fall Internship 2018 US-CA-Los Angeles 10990 Wilshire Boulevard
4078 Customer Experience Lobby Ambassador US-CA-Los Angeles The Century
4342 Customer Experience Lobby Ambassador US-CA-Los Angeles 1 Century Drive
4326 Maintenance / Facilities Maintenance Technician US-CA-Los Angeles Van Nuys Preservation, LP
4506 Maintenance / Facilities Maintenance Technician/Janitor US-CA-Los Angeles Terry Manor Preservation
4308 Customer Experience Overnight Century Concierge US-CA-Los Angeles 1 Century Drive
2802 Design Senior Design Manager, Santa Clara US-CA-Los Angeles 333 South Grand Avenue
4335 Accounting / Finance Staff Accountant US-CA-Los Angeles 333 South Grand Avenue
4504 Property Management Floating Community Manager US-CA-Oakland Lion Creek Crossings II
4345 Maintenance / Facilities Maintenance Technician US-CA-Palo Alto Mayfield Place
4322 Administrative / Clerical Administrative Leasing Assistant US-CA-San Francisco The Avery

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